New York City
Added by Moacir on 2015-11-29

Known as: New York Times, City, The Big Apple, New York City, NEW YORK, NY, U.S.A., The City, N'York, New York, NEW YORK FUCKIN’ CITY, Big Apple, NYC, NY, the city, Times, New Yorker, New York Cit-ay, NEW YORK, and New Yorkers

In books: (All instances link)

Book Instances
Let the Great World Spin 48
The Age of Innocence 156
Super Sad True Love Story 53
Bleeding Edge 62
10:04 13
The Flamethrowers 79
The Great Gatsby 35
The Crying of Lot 49 (1986 ed.) 4
Ulysses 1
Eat the Document 7
Just Kids 40
Another Brooklyn 10
Studs Lonigan: A Trilogy 3
Nightwood 2
Open City 1